April 28, 2018

It is way shorter and I really cannot see any improvement. There is a reason why the longest drivers hit the ball very high…carry is important to overall distance. What would be the results when a new shaft is put into the older head? I can optimize the spin rate, launch angle, etc. Horses for courses I suppose.

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TaylorMade M1 (vs) Taylormade R7 SuperQuad

Mhb 1 year ago. The R15 was the longest of all including the R7 by about 15 yards. Were the tests done with standard length shafts? Zachary Andrew 1 year ago. Adams redline rpm 460cc all other factors equal, rrpm driver that produces the redlime spin loft will also produce the straighter ball flight.

They make them with a lower CG to get the ball in the air with lower lofts so that they travel further. January 10th Comments.

Were the shafts the same length? Zach 1 year ago.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Yardages were almost identical, within 2 or 3 metres when I saw that, Adams redline rpm 460cc knew I was hanging on to my Redlinne. None of the major brands would warranty a 10 year old club that had seen thousands of swings. U can live without the extra 20 yards but you will seldom win without it! Bill hackket 9 months ago. I really think you need to get the same shafts in each head. That said, I was punished on miss hits on both accuracy and distance.

Does that sound about right? I can optimize the spin rate, adams redline rpm 460cc angle, etc.

Dunny Budgie 1 year ago. Had a fitting a couple of days ago through Titleist. My testing shows very little difference in drivers M1, Rocketbalz, and Burner at my 95mph swing speed. You compared the clubs sure 460dc if you look the biggest difference is a higher launch angle adamx the M1 so if you lofted up the Tri by 1.

Maxx 1 year ago. Josh Winstanley 1 year ago. I tested it for myself in sim and it adams redline rpm 460cc out unequivocally…. Bruce Knox 1 year ago. I wonder how MGS staffers can look at these idiotic posts all day. Now back to why your logic is interesting. To me, the first RBZ driver was easiest to control. 46c0c up Iron Byron, have him hit balls with each driver, and report the results accurately. How many models has TM sold during that term?

Mel Creighton 1 year ago. I can see launch angle affecting spin but not sure that the physics explain launch affecting ball speed.

The odd yard increase from one model to the next is just not worth it. After doing adams redline rpm 460cc due diligence adams redline rpm 460cc research on how to perform this test it was agreed this protocol was best. That could explain some fedline the difference in adams redline rpm 460cc speed and dispersion.

Art Hodge 1 year ago. Every test had different protocols that fit the environment best for the equipment being tested. Almost 20 years ago when we first met I done my best to get her to play golf but she hated it because she felt she was useless at it and slowing everyone down when she could only hit a 7 iron about an 80 yards adasm.

For 2 HC players aams myself that is a big difference front hitting to the middle of the green to actually going after the flag.

Few of them are right or wrong in any absolute sense…just different. In other words, is it time adams redline rpm 460cc you to upgrade?!? This brings up a few questions in my adams redline rpm 460cc.

Christian Pederson 1 year ago. Of something that has changed more over the years than the head COR limited by USGAshafts materials, profiles and consistently have adams redline rpm 460cc significantly. Then, if there is a difference in shaft length, even that up.

It was a big decision, but the M2, for me, was the right choice. I own 3 heads 8. That 640cc said, upgrade adams redline rpm 460cc 3 years or so. Vincejr61 1 year ago. Eedline I hit the best of all TM drivers was the R!

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