April 29, 2018

We have more than just support videos. Go to the Stock tab, and look at the Method drop-down menu. You can open the printer and roll the label stock back in, at that point. Minimize any open windows until you can see the Toro home screen, and click on the printer icon in the taskbar. With DuraLabel, you are asked to pay 2 to 3 times more compared to Precision’s pricing. Click OK to save changes and close this window. You may enter your name and other information if you wish, or post anonymously.

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It is possible to send the printer too much information at once — that is, as a single very long page. Power on Utilities There are three power-on utilities to set up peo test printer hardware.


The printer is waiting for the cutter mechanism. Die-cut Label Printing Instructions, Label Supply Calibration 5 times, alternating red and amber 5 times and then turn solid green.

Go back to your label and try printing again. If you are still unable to print, gralhic contact our support team for help. Pull release lever forward Fig.

Safety & Visual Communication Solutions | Graphic Products

Yraphic 8 Pull release lever forward Lower Cover Fig. Press Setup and scroll to the bottom of the list. You can rename the file in order to transfer it properly. How to Create Floor Marking Corners.

Turn off the printer, open the lid, and push the lever to raise the print head. Try opening the lid the whole top half of the machine all the way, and closing it graphic products duralabel pro 300.

Floor Marking & Wayfinding

When you purchase DuraLabel compatible supplies from Industrial Safety Solutions, you are getting just what you would get from any DuraLabel supplier. Try printing your label again.

Learn more about the grapphic printer. Your labels print as they appeared. Copy this link to share this video. Toro may print out the labels that you were waiting for, too. Industrial Safety Solutions provides supplies which exceed the quality specifications outlined duralbael the original equipment manufacturer.

Choose from a wide variety of supplies graphic products duralabel pro 300 create signs and labels for endless applications. With DuraLabel, you are asked to pay 2 to 3 times more compared to Precision’s pricing. Petroleum-Resistant ribbon has part numbers ending in 20; Premium ribbon has part numbers ending in Turn off the printer using the switch in geaphic back, near the black power cord. Reset and Recalibrate Save your label design, and close any open programs.

Rewind any loaded graphic products duralabel pro 300 away from the cutting mechanism. Cleaning the DuraLabel Let the platen roller dry for a few minutes, then reload ribbon and supply.

Graphic Products DuraLabel PRO Manual

Choose Cancel Jobs to close the error message without retrying the print job, so that you can check those instructions. Loading Supply in the DuraLabel Toro. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Graphic products duralabel pro 300 you have an orange DuraLabel printer please call or graphic products duralabel pro 300 us before ordering. Led And Button Operation 8. Click the button for Supply Update, in the lower-left corner of this window, and Toro will re-detect the label stock.

The printer is not yet ready to print. It should then feed to the left, underneath the print head and between the two moveable gray guides. For these labels, you may need to use a special Extended Print option. To print graohic manual completely, please, download it.

Release the Feed button while the LED blinks red and amber. Industrial Safety Solutions ISS provides supplies which exceed the quality specifications outlined by the original equipment manufacturer.

Use one of our cleaning swabs, or a soft cloth with some isopropyl alcohol, to gently wipe the entire metal surface of the print head, especially the area that is pressed down when the system is closed. Otherwise, there are some settings to correct, which takes only a little longer. Those dkralabel should overlap over the edges graphic products duralabel pro 300 the label stock, slightly.

The most common cause for this is a simple mechanical issue, which can be fixed in a matter of seconds. How-to Print Banners with Echo. Graphic Products is based in the United States, so our systems use US Customary measurements by default — proudcts, it is easy to change the defaults measurements to Metric.

Upgrading A Driver Next.

Graphic products duralabel pro 300 to Printer window. We will get you up and running AND keep you up and running throughout the life of your labeling machine. Unscrew the screw of the memory card grapgic. Apply a pressure to the top of the cartridge with one hand while turning the knob with the other hand.

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