April 27, 2018

Select speed email numbers that will be included in the group. Thoroughly roll the cartridge to assure maximum copies per cartridge. Press the Scroll buttons until Network Info. Press the Scroll buttons until Auto Continue appears and press Press the Scroll buttons until the binding option you want appears. Scx-6×22 series monochrome laser multifunction pages.

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Note To receive a printed or screen-displayed message when PostScript errors occur, open the Print Options window and click the desired selection next to the PostScript errors section. This will release pressure on the samsung scx-6×22 scanner. To access a printer driver help screen, click Help from the printer properties dialog box.

Press On Hook Dial to save the change and return to Standby samsung scx-6×22 scanner. Open Unified Driver configurator and switch to the Printers tab in Printers samsung scx-6×22 scanner window to look at the list of available printers. Faxing This chapter gives you information about using your machine as a fax machine. Creating a New Page Overlay To use a page overlay, you must create a new page overlay containing your logo or image.

Cleaning samsung scx-6×22 scanner drum If there scannre streaks or spots on your print, the drum samsnug may require cleaning.

Page of Go. Load originals face up into the ADF, or place a single original face down on the scanner glass. Toner Cartridge-related Messages You can keep printing but the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the product support is no longer provided. Click Add to Class to add your printer to a specific class or samsung scx-6×22 scanner Remove from Class to remove the samsung scx-6×22 scanner from the sc-6×22 class. Press the release lever to open the side cover. Press the Scroll buttons until the language you want appears and press OK.

Press OK when Yes appears. From the Start menu, select Programs. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Samsung SCX-6122FN Service Manual

Press the Scroll buttons to select the other mode and press OK. Your Mac automatically installs third-party software drivers samsung scx-6×22 scanner the following printers and scanners. Standard Originals with normal sized characters. Maintenance This chapter provides information for maintaining your machine and samsung scx-6×22 scanner toner cartridge.

Using Samusng Printer in Linux Printing Files You can print many different types dcanner files on the Samsung machine device using the standard CUPS way – directly from the command line interface. If you enter a speed dial number stored in the group, Delete?

흑백 레이저복합기 22ppm SCXDN | Samsung 대한민국 고객지원

This copy feature is available only when you place originals on the scanner glass. You sccx-6×22 to set up the network protocols on the machine to use it as your network printer.

Switches to Scanners configuration. Special Features Introduction Thank you for purchasing this Samsung multifunctional product. Each CD provides you with the following software: Driver Setting Only for Windows You can use the printer properties window, which allows you to access all of the printer options you need for using your printer. When the printer does not receive data for an extended period samsung scx-6×22 scanner time, power consumption is automatically lowered. Don’t show me this message again.

Samsung scx-6×22 scanner the installation is complete, click Finish. Samdung OK when Machine Setup appears. Fine Originals containing small characters or thin lines or originals printed using scznner dot-matrix printer. After printing the first side of your job, the Printing Tip window appears. If you experience problems with paper feed, turn the samsung scx-6×22 scanner around.

Protocols can be set up by the following two methods: If the problem persists, please call for service. Clone Copying, Book Copy, Erasing Background Images Clone copying Your machine can print multiple image copies from the original document on a single page. Optional tray Cabinet Part samsung scx-6×22 scanner SCXD8 To order Samsung-authorized zcanner or accessories, contact your local Part number Samsung dealer or the retailer where you purchased your machine, or visit www.

It will samsung scx-6×22 scanner to increase the speed. Risks are inherent in the use of samsuny Internet. Reinstall the toner cartridge, and then lock the lever.

Margin Shift The Margin Shift feature allows you to create a binding edge for the document. Enter text from picture: Caution Do not touch samsung scx-6×22 scanner green smsung of the toner cartridge. Follow the suggested solutions until the problem is corrected. Control Panel Overview Scroll buttons: Table Of Contents Restoring the network configuration

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