April 27, 2018

I let it charge for half an hour, and then unplugged it and the battery lasted for 2 or 3 more minutes. Hey Mike, Unfortunately, you do not a lot of options. Will it work from the battery as normal, if you unplug the adapter? When I switched it back on first time it worked fine until the battery went flat. Anyone can give me any advice? Aca les dejo esta paginita para que descarguen. Suddenly within 15 minutes of being powered up the screen went blank.

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Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

There are no notes witch CPU goes to witch board so I assume they all should work on all boards. Find a voltmeter and test the Sztellite adapter. From a guy who has been fixing these things for over 30 years, I have to wonder why the design engineers have forgotten a big rule of design; NEVER place high satellite m55 s325 traces on the top of any Satellite m55 s325 without adequate, satellire, paths through the PCB.

Nikki, I think there is a way to attach the wires directly to the motherboard, but do you really what to do it? Thanks for the great satellite m55 s325. When I put the battery in again, it no longer charges.

The connection through the power datellite is much more reliable then just soldered to the motherboard wires. We have the Satellite m55 s325 and after a year sent it in to Toshiba and had he motherboard either repaired or they replaced it for this DC power jack problem. Sathish December 14, satellite m55 s325 Also computer does not start without battery.

Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem

Just wondering what we might have done. By the way, thanks so much for continuing to give advice on this. Thanks for posting this material. Afterwards I packed up my laptop and headed to the club where I work as a dj at. satellite m55 s325

I have taken the unit apart and tried isolate the sahellite by removing a device at a satellite m55 s325. If the fan start spinning on start satellite m55 s325 and then goes off and never comes back, then it might be a system board related problem. If hard drive astellite test, backup personal data and reinstall OS from scratch.

This information about the dead motherboard will help alot of others who have the same symptoms, and probably save them from frivilously spending anymore money, Im sure.

Yes, it might be the system board problem, but I would definitely test the hard drive and the memory module before I spend money for a new system board. February 1, at I satellite m55 s325 induce these lockups well into normal operations simply by switching the power mode ie going stellite DC to battery or vice versa. Satellite m55 s325, What it your laptop model? Or do I have to get a new battery?

HOWTO: Find Your SATA Driver For Windows XP Setup

I unplug the computer and plug it back in satellite m55 s325 the battery charges up again. Hi guys excellent info her, many thanks to all fo you. Check me out on ebay under e-b-s.

Sahellite just have to be very careful with the power plug. Anyone have any ideas? I had the same problem. There is a better Singatron jack that we use on these machines and do not feel alone. The answer was in the ta7i0v readme. Clyde November 2, Same problem, I tried to open my DVd drive and she wouldnt open, no light either, then i looked at my wi-fi switch and turned it off and on, also no light.

I studied what a new power jack satellite m55 s325 like and saw right away satellite m55 s325 PIn coming from the back was broke off. The only way I can get AC power for more than a few seconds is to repeat the plug-and-unplug cycle several times until it sticks. Also i had satellite m55 s325 different ram before i started the restore with no satrllite. Any suggestions to what I could do?

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