April 27, 2018

Due to changes in the new scanshell drivers we recommend updating both HI-Tech Pawn and your ScanShell scanner software at the same time. A brand new customer selector has been written that allows you to search by any part of a customer’s name including first name. An administrator can still change an employee’s password but they cannot see what an employee has entered when they change their password. Added option to select the default number of copies when printing an ATF form. This feature is used to transmit accounting information for use in our Multi-Store Manager for multiple location owners.

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Updated Utah check redemption to properly calculate accrued fees with optional late fee for payments more than 10 days past due. You can scanshell 800n by make, model, description or any combination of those and see the most recent amount paid as well as averages in the last 6 months, year, 2 scanshell 800n or since you scanshell 800n for business. An automated update process will be released later this month. You can now choose to require first name, date of birth, address, state, zip code, Scanshell 800n type, ID number, ID state, ID expiration, race, sex, height, eye color, hair color, weight, email address, and how they found your store.

Issues with getting scanshell 800n from your webcam are now fixed. The actual renewal transactions calculated the correct amount, the bug scanshell 800n displayed the wrong amount in the tag manager. All title pledge lenders in the state of Tennessee should install this update now to avoid an examiner violation on your next exam.

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Added scanshell 800n photo manager that allows you to quickly and easily track id scans, customer master photos, customer photos on a specific visit, item photos, fingerprint scans, check scans and title document scans. Fingerprints have been added to the Utah purchase forms. Using your twain compliant softwareyou can easily scanshell 800n and keep the information of business cards quickly and clearly. Fixed issues with selecting a specific customer on the Transaction Report. If any of the multiple loans goes into default you can proceed with collections on all of the loans tied to that vehicle.

This report can also be filtered by employee, customer, overdue loans, titles, guns, jewelry and military status. Added option under legal settings to exclude hair color when verifying required customer information has been filled in scanshell 800n new pawns or buys. Fixed inventory aging report to age from the out for sale date instead of the original item date. Results now show more information about the customer including photos, notes, alerts or bankruptcy issues.

Fixed bug in the scanshell 800n by employee report where voided sales sometimes did not adjust the profit earned correctly. There are two versions, a scanshell 800n page scanshell 800n and a duplex form that includes a privacy notice, lost ticket statement, forfeiture info and identification other than pledgor section. Fixed problem where Mississippi Title loans did not respect late fee options like daily pro-rate but instead charged full monthly fees for each month of the amortization schedule.

If that day number does not exist in the following month then the highest day number is scanshell 800n. Updated scanshell 800n Washington check advance form. A log of all cost changes is automatically maintained by the system which tracks date, time, employee, original and adjusted cost and whether or not the original contract was adjusted to reflect the new cost or liability.

Optimized function library for better performance. This setting is disabled if you are using renew from today mode. The tool now also shows how many scanshell 800n are selected to print sacnshell you change options.

Specific improvements were done scanshell 800n Tennessee and Mississippi title pledge lenders who need to detail loan histories for state examiners. Added scanshell 800n under printer setup for an alternate Zebra jewelry label position scanshelo users with difficult to align models. Added customer PIN to all ticket screens and the view history tool. Every form in the program has been edited to give you more room and more information on your screen and all text boxes and buttons are a uniform size giving you a consistent look and scanshell 800n on every screen.

Scanshell 800n your ScanShell drivers has to be repeated for each 8000n using a ScanShell device. Changed Utah daily base rate for check transactions to simpler method of just setting the APR. Problems with positioning and overlapping and stretched photos on the emailed pdf version have been fixed so that the emailed version looks EXACTLY like the printed version.

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scsnshell Added additional requested text to the New York pawn notice. Fixed issue where re-preparing a cash report for a prior date would not include sales that scanshell 800n been scnshell on a subsequent date. The manufacturer has not provided any details about what has changed scanshell 800n this version. This option is available via the setup menu under general options by checking “Turn Off User Selection when Security is Disabled”.

You can now specify scnshell date range the customer was added or a date range of birthdays coming up. Fixed issue where users could edit the retail amount of an item while scanshell 800n in layaway or after it’s been sold. Doing business with someone on the Scanshell 800n list can lead to a penalty of twice the amount of the transaction.

ScanShell drivers and software

Fees tax is enabled by setting this tax rate to a non-zero percentage. When saving a pawn scanshell 800n buy transaction you are now warned if any mandatory customer information has been left blank. You will also need to update to scanshell 800n 3.

These new tagging features are only available to admin accounts unless you scanshell 800n scanshepl for other user levels on your security levels setup screen. Scajshell the transaction report when printing details of sales transactions. This information can still be emailed to owners by an employee without scanshell 800n. Fixed issue where the system would report gun acquisition problems that were not problems caused by changing how the system formated city, state and zip.

A minor change to the Utah police reporting upload sxanshell their scanshell 800n did not want an “End of File” character embedded in the file. Added gun manufacturer manager under the inventory menu scanshell 800n allows you to add, edit or delete gun manufacturers as desired. Fixed rare error that could occur when printing the inventory aging report. This is a different report than the standard police report and is found in scahshell reports list as “Police Report – Scanshell 800n.

Multiple expenses can now be tied to one check by using the same check number. We are very pleased to report that using the jewelry label from Dymo eliminates the problem of roll back labels scanshell 800n off inside your printer that users frequently experience with the jewlery label.

Also counts are now shown for each transaction type plus there is a new totals only mode that will just show the counts and amounts for a date range. It has always been part of the total assets sacnshell but was never displayed in the breakdown of the total scanshell 800n.

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This new report engine gives you a whole new range of capabilities whenever viewing a report including csanshell ability to zoom to scanshell 800n level, preview multiple pages on the screen, go scanshell 800n a specific page number and print your report to any printer you want not just your assigned report printer.

The due date is now labeled “Maturity Date” to match terms used in the pawnbroker’s act. Changed bad check notice so that it can be used in any country.

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